Thor Platter and Rob Duskey in studio on June 23, 2014

So what happens when Rob, Thor, and Jason are in the same room?  Well, this is what occurs.  Bathroom literature, the Lakewood PD, and music.  It had been a long time since either Thor or Rob were in studio and we got to catch up with what they have been doing and where they plan to go musically.

(c) Danielle Drake

(c) Danielle Drake

2014 Larchmere Porchfest

larchmereKatharyne Starinsky from the Larchmere Porchfest and Stephanie Trivison from These Knees (who played Porchfest) stopped by on June 16th to promote the Festival which takes place every summer in the Larchmere Neighborhood.  30 bands, on 30 porches.  It’s a festival promoting the neighborhood and music.  What could be better?

Brent Kirby’s 10×3 3rd Anniversary

Brent called in to talk about the 10×3 and what it means to the community and how its grown to be so strong.10x3

2014-05-26: David Resnik of Gentlemen of Leisure

Gentlemen of Leisure’s David Resnik stopped in to talk about their new music and goings-on.

2014-05-19: Callie Shea Sullivan

callie-shea-sullivanCallie, just back from Nashville, stopped in to talk a little bit about her upcoming gig at the Rib Cook-off and the future.

2014-04-28: Winslow and the Hard Rock Rising Competition

Matt and Jesse from Winslow stopped in to talk about the Hard Rock Rising 2014 competition!

Voting ends May 7th at 4pm. is the link to vote.  The band needs to make it to the top 25 in voting to be considered for the finals.

2014-04-28: Joshua Jesty on the phone!

We finally found a way to keep Jesty in control… make him stay home and call in!