Shawn and Shelby – Staring At The Sun

Kate Hart – Snooze
Prom Queens – Old Perfume
Apostle Jones – Revolution
Glowing Moses – Mesosphere
Cam Schnell – We Sang Until The Dawn

Holden Laurence – Sometimes Laughter
Michael McFarland – More Than You Believe You Are
Holywalk – Methylene Blue
Lilieae – Level
The Dream Masons – Lilly of the Valley

Cantebury Arts Club – Welcome To My Town
Lea Marra – Your Friends
Jul Big Green – Model Walkin Pose
Rule of Young – Lie Better
Corey Michaels – Fair Fight

Daniel Rylander – Right Now
Michael McDonald – If I Still Cross Your Mind
Charlie Mosbrook – Together Alone
Ed Bridge – Same Road Again
Guggy – Be The Light

Whiskey Hollow – Hudson Hill
Niights – So Into You
The Morning Bird – Sweet Wine
Jack Fords – Turn It Up Louder
Tophat Black – Groundhog

Adam Reifsnyder – When The Sun’s Out

Eric Simna

Founder of NEORocks.