So you heard us call for some new music, ey?  Wondering how to do that?  It’s really easy, especially with the invention of e-mail and that new fangled interwebs thing.

We’ve got E-mail, Google Docs, Dropbox, and the ability to just download a link you send us.

  • Our e-mail is ‘’
  • Dropbox is ‘neorockswjcu’
  • Download links can be sent to our e-mail, or facebook ‘’

Or, for those of you that are old fashioned, we’ve got snail mail as well!  This is obviously slower.  If you’ve done a vinyl pressing, PLEASE, save it for a fan that will give it the love it deserves.  We’ll play it once on a turntable (to digitize it) and then it will sit on a shelf.  We don’t want to waste your money.

We’re located at a college, mail doesn’t come directly to the station.  It comes through the college’s mail room.  So, if you’re sending something on a Thursday and hoping for airplay the next Monday, you’ll likely be sorely upset.  We’ll get it, eventually, but give it some extra time.  Here’s the address.  Please send it exactly like this, to ensure we get it.  Leaving “NEORocks” out means we may NEVER see it.

WJCU Radio
1 John Carroll Blvd
University Heights, OH 44118

Keep on rocking.  Spread the word.  We can only play the music we have.  If you know of a great local band playing original music, send them to us!


Upload your music!